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Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly when examining various cultures, ethnic groups, religion backgrounds, geography or what country – state – or city a person may reside, economic backgrounds and social classes are just a few of the variables. The definition of a wedding is a ceremony in which two people are joined in a marriage. Simply stated, a wedding is the ceremony that starts the beginning of a marriage.

Over the years, many aspects of wedding have and are continually changing. This includes what individuals as well as governments determine what a legal wedding / marriage consists of two persons, whether that is of different sex or same sex.

The purpose of this web site is to give people more information about traditional weddings of one man and one woman and to assist in any way whether that be information or services to those interested in traditional weddings. This web site is not trying to push our personal opinions or beliefs upon anyone.

Wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of wedding vows by the two persons being married along with an exchange of wedding rings, and a public proclamation of marriage by an established authority figure or religious leader.

Over the years, numerous traditions have been associated with weddings, such as the exchanging of rings and the bride wearing a white dress. The white dress is to symbolize purity in the Victorian era. Traditionally, a white dress and/or veil would not be appropriate for second or third weddings or a widow or any type of divorcee. The traditional exchange of rings symbolizes a never-ending love.

Special or traditional wedding garments are worn and following the ceremony is a wedding reception. The ceremony and the actual words constituting the event as you can imagine again varies depending on culture, religion, etc. Usually a wedding ceremony contains music, readings from Scripture, and in many cases’ prayer and other elements are incorporated into the wedding ceremony.

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welcome to 1stWedding.com

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